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Our Programme

Our curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education document 'Te Whariki', this is the national curriculum for all Early Childhood Education providers.

At our preschool we believe that both 'education' and 'play' are very important and we aim to have a combination of both in our daily programme. We have a set routine each day which will allow for periods of play as well as periods of more focused learning. We plan different activities and learning experiences each day to ensure learning opportunities for children are varied and exciting. As experienced teachers we know that planning for children requires flexibility so our planning allows for activities and experiences to change based on the needs and interests of our children.

Alongside our opportunities for play are our more focused learning experiences. At 'mat times' children will be greeted, celebrations acknowledged, children will participate in singing, music, news (sharing), storytelling and other whole group experiences and interests (Mathematics, Te Reo Māori, Oral Language, Written Language, The Arts and Science). 

We know that rest and the opportunity to relax and recharge is important for growing children so we have provided a sleeproom in each of our preschools where younger children are able to sleep during the day (individual linen provided). For older children that period of the day is a time to relax and quiet activities are provided.

We ensure that parents are kept informed about what has been happening each day at preschool through our whiteboard above our sign-in sheet. We encourage parents to read this each day so when you ask your child... "So what did you do today?" you will be able to prompt them. Examples of children's work and learning experiences will be displayed in our beautiful individual portfolio's which they children take with them when they transition to school. These portfolios are a record of each child's progress at preschool and both the children and teachers are very proud of them.

At Farmhouse Preschool we understand that in order to provide the best possible care and education for children the link between preschool and home must be strong. Parents will be encouraged to visit or call anytime, to ask questions or to look through their child's portfolios. We also love having parents come in and share their skills! We hope families will feel as 'at home' at our preschool as their children do. Our monthly newsletter will highlight any current interests have children have and any special events coming up.