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Our Patumahoe preschool has a distinctly rural feel, it is located in a 'purpose built barn' on our 2 acre property on the outskirts of Patumahoe Village so there is plenty of space for children to develop their imagination, to grow and to learn - our outdoor area has more than three times the Ministry of Education's requirement.

We have sheep as well as Lottie (our Kunekune pig) roaming in our surrounding paddocks, helping create that rural feel. The children help to care for our vege garden and our worm farm.

Patumahoe is a small rural village where everyone knows your name. It's the same at Farmhouse Preschool. With a maximum of 30 children per day you will quickly get to know our teachers and the other families that share our centre.

At Farmhouse Preschool we are passionate about education. Our teachers are all fully qualified, experienced and passionate teachers. Sharon (Head Teacher), Courtney, Akane, Anita, Keely & Rhian, love what they do and it shows. They are kind, considerate, creative, loving and respectful teachers. We think they are the best but come meet them yourself.