Meet Our Team

Our Management Team

Emma Blake (Patumahoe & Karaka)

Emma is the CENTRE MANAGER at Farmhouse Preschool. She is a fully qualified and registered teacher. Emma joined the team in 2020.

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Sharon Dalziel (Patumahoe)

Sharon is a fully qualified ECE Teacher, she is our HEAD TEACHER at Farmhouse Preschool Patumahoe. Sharon has been part of our team since 2014.

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Jo van der Gulik (Karaka)

Jo is a qualified & registered ECE teacher. Jo rejoined our team in 2019 and is currently ACTING HEAD TEACHER at Karaka.

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Odette Loosemore (Karaka & Patumahoe)

Odette is our ACCOUNTS ADMINISTRATOR she handles all our enrolments and accounts enquiries. Odette lives in Waiuku with her husband and three daughters. Odette works part-time at Farmhouse Preschool and is available - Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am-4pm. She joined the team in 2013.

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Our Teachers

Courtney McDonald (Patumahoe)

Courtney was born and raised in Auckland, at the end of 2016 she completed her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Auckland. She believes it is important to respect and enable children to make their own decisions, and follow their own interests.

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Akane Yamauchi (Patumahoe)

I come from Japan and my hometown is Shiga. There is a big lake in Shiga and it is surrounded by nature. I came to New Zealand in 2010, and completed Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) in 2015. I am married to Taishi, and moved to Waiuku in 2017. I like to spend spare time going for a walk, taking photographs, playing and listening to music and making crafts. I believe it is important to build respectful, warm and trust relationships with individual child and parents and Whanau.

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Anita Wilson (Patumahoe)

Anita joined our team in 2017 she is a qualified and registered ECE teacher. Anita works full-time at Patumahoe.

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Sarah Gault (Karaka)

Sarah is a qualified & registered ECE teacher and works full-time at Karaka.

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Rhian Robinson (Karaka & Patumahoe)

Rhian joined our team in 2018 she works across both centres she is a qualified and registered ECE teacher.

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Lucy Muir (Karaka)

Lucy is a fully qualified Early Childhood teacher who grew up in Pokeno but now resides in Pukekohe. Lucy’s desire as an educator it to provide learning opportunities where children gain sufficient knowledge that helps shape them into competent, healthy and skilful members of society.

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Keely Wright (Karaka & Patumahoe)

Keely is a fully qualified and registered teacher working across both centres. She is an educator who believes that when children develop an enthusiasm for learning and social competence through genuine warm and caring relationships.

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Nina Gordon Peters (Karaka)

Nina is a fully qualified and registered teacher working at Karaka

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Sian Mobley

Sian is currently on Maternity Leave and will return at the end of 2020.

Sian is a fully qualified ECE teacher who moved up to the Franklin region from Papamoa Beach. Sian is enthusiastic about following children’s spontaneous interest’s with the help of their individual lenses and expertise.

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Our Owners

Jo & Darryl Ward (Karaka & Patumahoe)

Jo is a qualified & registered Primary School Teacher with over 25 years experience in education. Along with her husband Darryl they own Farmhouse Preschool.

Jo is currently on sabbatical, working towards her Masters Degree in Educational and Development Psychology.

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