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About Us

At Farmhouse Preschool we offer childcare for children aged 2-5 in our two small, privately owned preschools in unique rural settings.

The idea for our first preschool came from our need to find childcare for our two children. We wanted a childcare facility that met our needs and reflected our lifestyle. Our kids, as do many, needed space to play and learn just like they had at home. We found that many Early Childcare Education Centres were located on small sections in urban environments and were just not suitable for us.

We wanted our children to have the space they needed as well as a quality education. A place where children would develop a love of learning, a place where each child is treated as an individual, not just a number. When we couldn't find what we were looking for we decided to establish our own centre. In 2009 we opened Patumahoe Preschool which has a distinctly rural feel. It is located on a two acre property on the outskirts of Patumahoe Village, so there is plenty of space for children to develop their imagination, to grow and to learn.

After 4 years of operation at Patumahoe our centre was full and had a long waiting list obviously there were other parents who wanted something different for their children, so we decided it was time for another preschool. In November 2013 we opened our second preschool in Karaka. We designed it to look and feel like an old homestead.  With an old bay villa look outside and open airy spaces on the inside, the building has the beauty and elegance of the past but with all the benefits of a modern building. We have used neutral tones inside and out to create a blank canvas for our children to add colour and vibrancy.

Connecting with the outdoors is really important to us so our outdoor play spaces are more than four times the size required by the Ministry of Education. We try to incorporate as many natural elements as possible in our playgrounds. Outside the fenced area we have orchards from which, we will collect our own fruit for morning tea. There are various farm animals in the adjoining paddocks (goats, pigs, sheep and cows). Our playgrounds both have forts, sandpits, bike tracks, playhouses, slides and vegetable gardens.

We know that having a great preschool means having the best teachers. We have been careful to select teachers who are NZ qualified, passionate and professional. Our teachers are all fully qualified and experienced. We also know that raising a child takes a village and the 'Farmhouse Family' is testament to that. Once you become a member of our family, you'll always be family. 

Our unique rural settings and quality service attracts families from all over Franklin. We currently have families from Patumahoe, Karaka, Drury, Waiau Pa, Pukekohe, Waiuku, Karaka and Papakura.

In July 2015 we decided to bring our preschools closer together so we changed our names from Berwick Preschool and Patumahoe Preschool, to Farmhouse Preschool. Now we are about to start the next chapter, a new centre for younger children which we are hoping to open in 2021. 

If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

What parents are saying?

Here is what other parents have told us...

"Roger and I have been thrilled with Logan's time at preschool. It is a gorgeous facility, always very well ordered and tidy, making it easy for the children to access their toys and activities.

The teachers have been amazing. Each teacher is a real strength to the preschool, and we have felt supported by every single teacher at various times. Jo, we can't speak highly enough of you, not only are you an excellent manager and teacher, but you are a wonderful person who we greatly respect. I struck gold when I enrolled Logan at preschool, and Roger and I are glad that Anna will follow in his footsteps."


Thanks for taking care of our little boy. After coming from another preschool where Dan cried most days when we dropped him off it was a relief for Sam and I when he began to enjoy preschool. Our time with you has gone so fast and it has been a pleasure.

Dan has flourished while at preschool and it has to be one of the best decisions we made. The teachers are wonderful and as parents we have appreciated the staff stability and experience that you offer. We have found the team are approachable and responsive to our needs and expectations. Dan's educational development over the last six months has been impressive and we made the transition to school today, safe in the knowledge that he was well prepared academically and socially. A big thank you to Jo, Darryl and the team at Patumahoe Preschool"

Sam & Gaylene